Eat here: Big Lou’s Donuts, Melbourne

Big Lou’s Donuts, Melbourne

This post should be pretty self-explanatory, given my love for all things that include sugar and dough. After an awesome night wondering the streets of Fitzroy to enjoy the Gertrude Street Projection Festival, it was time to wind up the night and catch the tram home. But not before a hot drink and some dessert.

Given our pending trip to America, I’ve been doing my homework, researching donut places over there. They’re the one sweet treat that I thoroughly enjoy, but don’t really seem to be a “thing” in Melbourne (yet?!). We wondered why we’d never given Big Lou’s a try and figured there was no time like the present, so:

This is the TOTALLY NUTS donut, and it was totally delicious. Thick, cakey donut, solid chocolate frosting, and stacked full of crushed nuts. No idea why we hadn’t given these a chance before last night, but we apologise and we will be back. Next time you’re on Brunswick St and you see Big Lou’s, don’t be too quick to dismiss it. They do a good donut!

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