Eat here: Birreria Centrale, Florence

Birreria Centrale, Florence, Italy


Without a doubt, one of the best meals I’ve had in Italy. We’d been travelling for a few weeks when we got to Florence last year, and I’d been fairly sick. I needed proper Italian comfort food, and this place hit the spot like no one’s business.

It was another cold, grey, rainy night in Florence, and we’d been walking around the beautiful, cobble-stoned streets for a while. We were getting pretty hungry. We found ourselves in Piazza San Martino and figured the best place to get an authentic feed would be off a side alley where there weren’t as many tourists; we were right.


It’s beautiful. It’s old, wooden, exposed brick, antique, and just beautiful. And it’s cosy and homely, like turning up to your grandmother or auntie’s house for a family meal. The service was attentive and very helpful (they did speak a little English, although I conversed on Italian), the menu was wonderfully authentic Italian food, and the wine was fantastic!

I don’t need to talk this place up too much – trust me, it’ll prove itself if you ever visit. But here were our meals:


Fettuccine for husband, lasagne for me, and a surprisingly delicious salad with cheese and walnuts. I’d say I wish I could remember more of the details of the food, but I don’t. I remember the feeling. It was a happy night for us. We’d found a place on the other side of the world, where husband couldn’t communicate because he didn’t speak or understand a word of Italian, but we found a place we felt completely at home. The food was absolutely unreal, that was obviously a huge bonus, but the atmosphere was just as memorable!

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