Eat here: Nong Ploy Restaurant, Koh Samui

Nong Ploy Restaurant
157/19 av2 | Chaweng beach road, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014

To be completely honest, when I first stumbled on this place in September 2012, on a work sponsored trip, I didn’t even think to find out what it was called, as I didn’t think it’d be possible to ever find it again; while the rest of the group was either at the bar drinking, or in their rooms taking a nap while waiting for the torrential rain to stop, I decided to be an idiot, go out in the rain, and find something to eat that wasn’t hotel crap. I wondered down the main street, then down an alley way, then another, then back to the main street, and so on for about 15 minutes, as the rain was easing. My stomach started grumbling and I decided to stop at the next place I saw. This was it. Thai food for 40 baht a plate? That’s about AUD$1.30. I’d have been crazy not to!

I ordered the pad thai, and it was unreal! I told my husband all about it when I got home, that I got amazing prawn pad thai for $1.30 down an alleyway in Koh Samui. He laughed and shook his head – standard lunacy to be expected of me.


ANYWAY, fast forward to January 2014, and husband and I (along with one of his mates) are in Koh Samui. My second trip, the boys’ first. I fondly recall my rainy stumbling to the wonder that was that “little place with the park bench seating and bright pink table cloths.” Let me preface this next bit by saying that I have NO sense of direction what so ever. Give me a map and throw me in the middle of Rome, I’ll find you the quickest path from A to B, no worries. But ask me to get from my house to the milk bar around the corner from memory, I have no freakin idea. So when I told the boys I wanted to head in the general direction of where I thought this place may be, my husband laughed, but indulged me – after all, we were in Koh Samui and had no where we needed to be!

Cue random meandering, a few false alarms at alleyways that looked kinda maybe sorta familiar, and then giving up and walking into a place that looked decent because we were so bloody hungry. I dragged my feet behind the boys, feeling dejected, when I finally looked up. Holy crap, the place I was looking for was right next door. I (pathetically) squealed a little and ran straight over, leaving the embarrassed boys to deal with the waiter who had menus in hand (sorry!).


Everything was still exactly as I remembered it, which is why you should eat there if you find yourself in Koh Samui and can manage to find it! The food is insanely cheap and ridiculously delicious, there were quite a few locals eating there, it’s got that relaxed beach-side, picnic-style, box-of-tissues-instead-of-napkins kind of vibe, and it’s the quintessential Asian street food experience, in a restaurant setting!

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014


Photograph © Jess Carey 2014


Photograph © Jess Carey 2014


Photograph © Jess Carey 2014


P.S. hopefully this helps anyone visiting..



9 thoughts on “Eat here: Nong Ploy Restaurant, Koh Samui

  1. Thats a delicious looking plate of pad thai, the prawns look so juicy and crunchy and the mango glutinous rice looks amazing too! I have been to Bangkok several times and the food is always so fresh and affordable. I am from Singapore and currently studying in Melbourne and I miss all the hawker food back home though it isn’t as cheap as in Thailand. Its a pity that the Asian food in Melbourne is only decent but cost so much more! What are your favourite Asian food places in Melbourne?

  2. Great recap of a totally random trip. I felt like I was right there with you guys. What’s the plate with the yellow stuff that looks like it’s sitting on rice? Looks good.

    1. Thanks for reading Shane! Random is an understatement hehe : )

      That pile of delicious was the mango on sticky coconut rice – pretty sure I ate a plate almost every day for the 14 days and 3 cities we did in that trip… totally worth the calories! Highly recommend it next time you find yourself in Thailand!

      1. Ah! I thought it was mango sticky rice. That’s a pretty common dessert at the Thai restaurants here and I love it almost more than anything.

        Good choice 🙂

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